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Kelly R. Clarke, DDS

New Study Shows Laser Therapy Could Improve Teeth Sensitivity

Laser Therapy and Sensitive Teeth | Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry has been proven to improve the efficiency of dental procedures such as periodontal treatments, dental fillings, or biopsies. Because of the concentrated light and heat a dental laser delivers, it is able to sterilize the treatment area, which accelerates healing and make many treatment procedures more comfortable. A new study is showing that laser dentistry in Bradenton, FL, may also be able to reduce tooth sensitivity, which causes discomfort to many patients on a daily basis.

Dental Lasers and Tooth Sensitivity

Researchers in Spain have found that treatments with the dental laser seem to reduce tooth sensitivity for patients. While more studies will need to be conducted, this is promising news for patients who struggle with regular sensitivity during standard dental procedures. There was also no future relapse for patients who used the dental laser for sensitivity.

Other Options for Handling Dental Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity plagues many patients, making common procedures like daily brushing uncomfortable. Dr. Clarke has some other recommendations for handling dental sensitivity such as:

  • Using a toothpaste that is designed to reduce dental sensitivity
  • Wear a night guard to protect teeth from clenching and grinding, which often leads to tooth sensitivity
  • Use a mouthwash fortified with fluoride to protect and strengthen your teeth
  • Avoid foods high in acidity that can destroy dental enamel

Advanced Dentistry for Your Needs

At Laser Dentistry, we incorporate the laser into many of our treatment procedures for our patients' comfort. We also use digital imaging to take impressions and detect cavities in their earliest stages for our patients. We have our patient's comfort in mind during every dental procedure and we look forward to showing you how pleasant dentistry can be.

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