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How Much Sugar Is in Your Favorite Soft Drink?

October 8, 2017
Posted By: Laser Dentistry
Amount of Sugar in Soft Drinks | Laser Dentistry

We all know that soft drinks and energy beverages contain sugar, but most of us don't really stop to consider how much they truly hide and how it impacts our teeth. Your dentist in Bradenton shares the shocking truth about how much sugar is in your favorite drinks.

Dark Colas

Your standard colas come in a few sizes such as:

  • 12 oz cans, which contain 39 grams of sugar
  • 20 oz bottles, which contain 65 grams of sugar
  • 1 liter, which contains 108 grams of sugar

For comparison, the 65 grams of sugar found in a 20 oz bottle of cola is comparable to the sugar found in 5 small cake rolls.


Surprisingly, the sugar content found in most fruit juices is very high such as:

  • A 16 oz bottle of apple juice contains 52 grams of sugar - comparable to 10 Oreo cookies
  • A 16 oz bottle of orange juice contains 48 grams of sugar - comparable to 6 Oreo cookies

Soy Milk

Even soy milk contains sugar, and most of us consider it a healthy alternative to cow's milk. For example, an 8 oz serving of vanilla soy milk contains 8 grams of sugar, which is comparable to a piece of candy such as a Starburst.

It's important to note that soft drinks provide a double whammy of sorts to your teeth because of the high acid content. Acids eat through your tooth enamel and cause cavities and other damage. When you drink sugary, carbonated beverages, it works faster to break down your teeth.

At Laser Dentistry, we're your partners in achieving optimum oral health. This often involves educating you about your nutrition and oral health so you can make wise decisions about the foods and beverages that are right for you. Regular visits with Dr. Clarke will also help you be proactive about the health of your teeth and mouth, give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

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