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Keeping Your Teeth Straight after Invisalign

February 27, 2017
Posted By: Laser Dentistry
Keeping Your Teeth Straight after Invisalign | Laser Dentistry


You've finished your Invisalign treatment and now you're excited to share your dazzling new smile with the world. You can't believe the difference a beautiful smile has made for your confidence – why didn't you have this treatment done earlier?

Now that your teeth are aligned, it's important to keep them that way. Here's some information about keeping your teeth straight after Invisalign treatment in Bradenton, FL.

Wear Your Retainers

This is not optional! After your Invisalign treatment is completed, you'll receive a set of retainers to wear every night while you sleep. This is where many patients go wrong, either forgetting to wear their retainers or choosing not to. Believe it or not, your teeth actually have memory, and without retainers, they will slowly shift back into the position they were in before you started Invisalign.

If you don't want this to happen, wear your retainers every night while you sleep!

Keep Your Retainer Clean

Keeping your retainer clean is important to ensure its longevity. Brush it every morning when you wake up to ensure that it's clean and ready for the next night's wear. You may also want to use a denture cleaning solution to soak your retainer and remove bacteria and other buildup from time to time.

Regular Dental Checkups

Your routine visits with Dr. Clarke are also important for maintaining the health of your teeth. Among other things, he will check your teeth and bite to ensure no relapse has occurred and that your healthy, beautiful smile is right on track. You should also bring your retainer with you to your checkups so Dr. Clarke can ensure a proper fit. Retainers do wear down over time, and you may need to replace it down the road.

At Laser Dentistry, we're happy to partner with you so you can maintain your beautiful new smile for lifetime! Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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