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At Laser Dentistry, it’s our goal to help you feel comfortable and at ease at your dental appointments. We understand that you may have questions about certain treatments or procedures, and we’re always happy to take the time to explain procedures and answer any questions you may have. Here are some questions we frequently hear from our patients. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered here.FAQ Copy


It's recommended to get a new toothbrush or electric brush head 3-4 months. If you have recently been sick or ill we encourage replacing them. 

Clenching and grinding can come from too much stress or changes in the bite. An exam with Dr. Clarke is needed to diagnose why this is happening. Once we determine the "why" we can correct the issue. Often times a custom fitted guard that is worn at night can correct the problem. 

We perform visual exams followed up with a Velscope evaluation. A Velscope uses a light which indicates abnormal tissue that can be detected before you see or feel any abnormalities. Make an appointment for an oral cancer screening. 

Most often the reason is a combination of things, whitening toothpaste, acidic foods/drinks, clenching and grinding. We usually recommend that you have your teeth checked to make sure no cavities are present and then taking a look at the products you're using daily. 

Bacteria in the mouth is most likely the culprit, regular cleanings and addressing any gum disease and cavities will promote a healthy mouth. 

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