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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Root Canal Therapy

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At Laser Dentistry, it’s our goal to help you feel comfortable and at ease at your dental appointments. We understand that you may have questions about certain treatments or procedures, and we’re always happy to take the time to explain procedures and answer any questions you may have. Here are some questions we frequently hear from our patients. Feel free to contact us if your question isn’t answered here.FAQ Copy

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals and Pain FAQ | Laser Dentistry So many of our patients fear pain when they hear they need a root canal to save their tooth. If you are looking for comfortable root canals in Bradenton, FL, we can help!

We believe that root canals can be comfortable and should feel no different than a common filling. The pain associated with root canal therapy is often from the symptoms, not the treatment. Root canal treatment should provide immediate relief from your symptoms, though it is common to experience some sensitivity for a few days as your body heals. It will subside with each passing day.

Root canal treatment removes the infection from your tooth, which relieves the inflammation that is often the cause of your pain. Once your body completely heals, we will cover it with a restoration, such as a dental crown, that will provide added protection in the years to come.

As with all dentistry, we will make sure you are completely comfortable for your treatment by using a local anesthetic. Every person is different, but we will always give your tooth time to become completely numb before we get started.

If you have more questions about root canals, call our Bradenton, FL dental office and we will be happy to help!

Do I Need a Root Canal FAQ | Laser DentistryA toothache can indicate a number of different issues. You may have a broken or fractured tooth, or you may be suffering from a dental infection. It's important to note that dental infections or fractures will not go away on their own. You'll need to see your dentist, and the sooner the better. Dental infections can get progressively worse, and eventually lead to tooth loss. Contacting your trusted team at Laser Dentistry is the best thing to do when you have a toothache because the quicker we can diagnose your condition, the quicker we can get you back on the path to wellness.

A root canal may be able to preserve your tooth if you have an infection. Dr. Clarke will clean out the infected tissue from inside your tooth through a small hole drilled in the top of your tooth. Once the infection is removed, it is then sealed with a temporary filling and then given time to heal. After the appropriate healing time has passed, Dr. Clarke will restore it with either a permanent filling or dental crown in order to give your tooth strength and longevity again. Unfortunately, it's not as strong as it was prior to the infection and root canal therapy.

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