Family Dentistry in Bradenton FL

Family Dentistry | Laser DentistryWe love serving families at Laser Dentistry!

We welcome patients of any age to our practice, and Dr. Clarke likes to see children starting around the age of twelve months old. We find that acclimating children to the dental office early on ensures positive and successful dental visits later in life.

We offer a wide range of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services for adults, so whether it’s time for your regular cleaning and check-up or you’d like to discuss changing the appearance of your smile, we’ve got you covered! You will appreciate Dr. Clarke’s personalized approach to patient care, and his attention to detail is unlike many other practices in the area.

Coordination of Care

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for lifetime! We proudly serve the Florida communities of Bradenton, Palmetto, Lakewood Ranch, and Anna Maria Island.

Because of our location, we understand that many of our patients travel to different states for extended periods of time throughout the year. Dr. Clarke is happy to discuss your treatment needs, goals, and concerns with any of your other doctors to ensure that you’re on track with any necessary treatment and care. We use digital x-rays, which are very easy to transfer securely to other doctors when needed.

Sedation Dentistry

Bradenton Family Dentistry | Laser DentistryWe understand that some of our patients need a little extra care and attention when it comes to their dental visit. Many patients are fearful or anxious about their dental appointments, and if you feel this way, we want you to know you’re not alone. Dr. Clarke is patient, caring, and gentle, and he’s willing to take the time to make sure you’re comfortable, that you understand the procedure you’re having, and that you feel at ease.

If this isn’t enough, we have options for oral sedation to help you relax and feel comfortable throughout your appointment so you can receive the dental care that you need and deserve. We never want fear or anxiety to hold our patients back from getting much-needed care.

Attention to Patient Care and Small Details

Dr. Clarke is conservative in his treatment recommendations, so you can rest assured that the treatment being recommended for you is only what you truly need. If you should need restorative care, we use only the finest dental materials and work with only the top dental laboratories to ensure that you receive the highest quality dental restorations.

We look forward to welcoming your family into our dental family. At Laser Dentistry, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations every time you visit our office, and we know you’ll notice the difference right away. Contact our office to learn more about our services and how we can help you.