Teeth Whitening Bradenton FL

Teeth Whitening Bradenton FL | Laser DentistryDid you know that your smile is one of the first features people notice when they first meet you? What does your smile say about you?

Staining and discoloration can diminish the appearance of your smile, but whitening your teeth is one of the most cost-effective ways to quickly improve your smile.

At Laser Dentistry, we offer two very effective methods for whitening and brightening. Our in-office whitening system is quick and effective. After one appointment, you’ll leave our office with immediate results. Our take-home trays allow you to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home, based on your own schedule.

Dr. Clarke can discuss your goals for your smile with you to determine which whitening system will best suit your needs.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter

You can pick up inexpensive whitening systems at your local drug store. There are however, certain benefits that professional systems offer that over-the-counter options can’t. Drugstore whitening products are not custom made, which means that your teeth are not protected from excess whitening gel. Trays that are custom made for your teeth offer better protection.

The whitening gel that Dr. Clarke has access to is much stronger than the products you’ll find at the drug store. This means that it will take less time to achieve the results that you desire when you use professional products. It’s also a good decision to whiten your teeth under the supervision of your dentist in case you should encounter any issues with sensitivity.

Bradenton FL Teeth Whitening | Laser Dentistry

Take-Home Trays

At Laser Dentistry, we also offer convenient take-home trays for our patients who would like to whiten their teeth at their leisure. We will custom make plastic trays that are designed to fit snugly over your teeth. Dr. Clarke can recommend which strength whitening gel would be best for your needs based on your goals and you’ll take the gel home with you. We sell the gel at our office, so it’s easy and convenient for you to pick some up any time you need to update your smile before the next big event.

At Laser Dentistry, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain the smile you’ve always dreamed of! If you’re considering whitening your teeth, let us know. We’re happy to explain your options and help you achieve that whiter, brighter smile.