Dr. Kelly Clarke, DDS
Kelly R. Clarke, DDS


Cutting-edge technology is important to us here at Laser Dentistry because we understand that using the latest equipment allows us to offer excellent care and procedures that are more effective, comfortable, and efficient for our patients.

We are proud to share more information about the technology and advanced services you’ll find at our office!

Dental Laser

Dr. Clarke uses the Biolase iPlus Laser, which is the most advanced laser from Biolase.

The dental laser assists in making dental procedures such as fillings, periodontal surgery, bone removal, and biopsies easier and more comfortable for patients.

The laser makes certain procedures more accurate, sterile, and precise while accelerating healing time for patients with periodontal disease or lesions. Our patients truly appreciate the difference the dental laser makes in their care.

Digital Impressions

The 3M TruDef laser scanner allows Dr. Clarke to scan an impression of a patient’s tooth digitally rather than using the messy, sticky dental impressions of the past. The high quality digital scan is emailed to the laboratory and then your crown is precisely milled and sent back to us. This streamlines the restoration process and also cuts down on patient waiting time for the final restoration.


We use the highly accurate Kavo Diagnodent laser cavity detector to find cavities, which helps us detect tooth decay in its earliest stages, ensuring that you receive the least invasive treatment. This laser will find the smallest of lesions that need conservative repair and will keep your teeth as pristine as possible.

Give us a call to learn more about our technology, services and how we can help you maintain your oral health!

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